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Nicki Minaj Signals Intent on Visiting T&T Sooner Than Thought!
Nicki Minaj is to Trinidad and Tobago what Rihanna is to Barbados- the international billboard of a territory, while mainly renowned for Calypso and Soca, has always been dubbed the iconic rapper’s birthplace. Controversial skepticism over her representation over the years, has never ceased to litter social media, but... Read more
Marion Hall Hosting Benefit Concert In Aid Of Bahamas Following Hurricane Dorian
Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, is looking to organizing a benefit concert to aid the hurricane-ravaged islands of The Bahamas, in its capital city Nassau. The Gospel star, who was once dubbed the “Queen Of The Dancehall,” has called her fellow entertainers in the church and secular world... Read more
Rihanna talks education with world leaders on Twitter
Rihanna might be having ‘Wild Thoughts’ in her big summer release, but the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian of the Year and Global Partnership for Education Global Ambassador is also thinking about education for the most vulnerable communities around the world. Following a January 2017 trip t Malawi, Rihanna urged her... Read more
Soca Videos are the new norm
In 2009, only a handful of soca artists understood the importance of having a music video. They were few and far between, and they represented the best of the industry. In those times, making a video was an added expense that not every soca artist could afford. Even in... Read more
Time Out London is offering a Taste of the Islands
Time Out London has teamed up with British Airways to offer a handful of lucky Londoners (well, the ones that don’t already have a Caribbean relative cooking up these dishes) the chance to enjoy dishes from Barbados, Grenada, St Kitts and Tobago. Four tasting tables will be assembled, one... Read more
Calypso Rose, Calypso Queen of the world
Some of us know Calypso Rose because we are of that age and grew up with her music. Others, though, may not have a clue about this Tobago girl. However, over the past few months Rose has catapulted herself firmly back in to our ears with her contagious and... Read more
Vikings Heat Turnt All The Way Up
On the heels of Ground Empire bosses- Trinidad & Tobago’s Vikings, Fay- Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin’s starring roles in the Romany Malco produced, Los Angeles based movie Prison Logic, comes news that Garlin’s 2014 soca hit, ‘Truck on D Road’, has been featured on the trailer of the... Read more
New Music Video: Incredible – Kes The Band (Soca 2017)
New Music Video: Incredible – Kes The Band (Soca 2017) Read more
Fay-Ann Lyons – “Break The World” Album
Fay-Ann Lyons is the daughter of Soca musicians Superblue and Lady Gypsy. From a young age Fay-Ann has participated and won Road March competitions at the Trinidad Carnival. Fay-Ann Lyons is the only female artist to have won Carnival Road March three times, and only the second to attain... Read more
The Undisputed Queen of Bacchanal
When you hear Destra talk about her music for 2017, you can simply hear the excitement and exuberance in her voice. The new year brings a brand new, redefined and improved version of Destra Garcia, who continues to make her mark in the soca world. The self-professed bacchanal queen... Read more